Our Partners

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Our Partners

Cornerstone for Hope is pleased to announce our affiliation with 4 approved facilities that share our mission of sustainable care for young people in recovery.

Formed in 1973, Libertae is a community of women seeking freedom from the shame of addiction.  They offer comprehensive, individualized treatment dedicated to treating and supporting women with substance use disorders.

With an emphasis on gender-informed treatment, they strive to create an environment that reflects an understanding of women’s lives and that responds to their challenges.

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Manor of Hope helps young men from all over the country battling the disease of addiction. It is a world class therapeutic community featuring programming designed to build the resilience and habits needed to achieve long-term sobriety. 

Manor of Hope offers a long-term and highly structured program provides young men the tools that they need to battle the disease of addiction and live a drug or alcohol free life.

Established in 1889, Market Street Mission has been changing the lives of the homeless, poor and those struggling with addiction.  

Meeting immediate, critical needs like food, shelter, clothing and other necessities and meeting deeper needs through programs designed to help men overcome their struggles with addiction, homelessness & poverty.

Synergy Houses offers safe, 12-step based sober living communities for men interested in seeking long-term recovery.

They have 2 locations that each offer different levels of care. Synergy Houses is led by an amazing team of individuals with over 120 years of combined continuous sobriety.